Boom town, we're back! What's been going on since we last spoke?

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Reading's great and all, but when you're sat at your desk all day, I know full well a great video is even better, we've got plenty of those!

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Should I go out?

Here's a shot from our recent trip to Bali of a surfer trying to make up his mind, should he go out? He didn't. It was small and smelled of shit because of the rain. Smelled and tasted of shit actually, I know because I DID go out.

This shot sold recently from Picfair, to be used by Big Day App on their new site - we're super stoked that someone liked it enough to use it for their product!

We promise we wont be shoving all this salesy stuff down your throat on the new site, but it's the content we had to hand to get something live! But you know... if you like it, buy it eh?

Lunch view

I took this shot today at lunch, sitting in the Ohana Cafe in Newquay overlooking Towan beach near the eating a delicious and well deserved Katsu Burger. Highly recommended!

Morning Waves

Our first morning in Cornwall greeted us with waves, the last waves for a week it would seem as the swell died on it's arse not long after.

It's an amazing feeling being able to walk 2 minutes from your front door to check the surf, nip back and grab a pre leashed and waxed surfboard and be in the water 10 minutes later. Living the dream!