For City Surfers

the former city surfer

new lives, new vibes

we started ForCitySurfers 3 years ago, with a view to motivate ourselves to surf more often and motivate others.

three years on, we've made the big move down to cornwall to live our dream, so I guess it worked! but the website has sadly come to an end.

we will however keep adding cool videos here when we find them, and who knows, in the future maybe we'll be back!

Dedicated to the craft

I love the style of this video, and the surfboards featured really make me want to get back in the shaping bay. there are other videos in this series, all are worth a watch but this is my favourite!

MCTAVISH - 'Dedicated to the Craft Series' Episode two: Christian Barker from Stefan José Films on Vimeo.

somewhere else

check out this video featuring john eldridge from cmbl motorbikes and surfboards. really inspirational stuff i think, makes me want to buy an old motorbike and get chopping! i've been a big fan of john since seeing his single fin bali adventures some time last year, and we've stopped by his cafe strong adolfos a couple of times since our move down to cornwall. enjoy!

i had too much to dream last night

this is the latest movie from the deus temple, in my view one of the best surf movies of the last couple of years, really entertaining, with stunning scenes and a variety of surfing all over indo, with motorbikes thrown in for good measure.

we dropped by the temple when we were in bali this summer and it's an impressive place, boards, bikes, food and beers, everything you could want a stones throw from canggu beach.

sadly the video can't be embedded, so you're have to click the link below, set aside half an hour this week and watch it, you wont regret it.

behind the tide

a new movie from romain juchereau, featuring among others, my friends james and karl, along side legends like tom wegener and nathan oldfield. it chronicles their lives in surfing, creating surf craft, art and photography, the sub cultures behind surfing and the people that influence the scene.

set to preview at festivals soon, heres a sneak peek at the trailer.

fan of the old site?

the old website took up a lot of our time, but we'd love to keep it going, if you're interested in taking on part of the job, get in touch via our social media channels that are still in full swing, and who knows!